Softwashing is a powerful cleaning solution that uses only eco-friendly chemicals which have a short life and once dry are safe for children, pets and the environment.

In the beginning

In recent years the whole softwashing industry has grown immeasurably wherever it launched. Originally softwashing started in the USA/Europe as companies needed a non-damaging solution to cleaning a whole range of exterior materials that were unsightly and discoloured by atmospheric moulds growing on them which is a naturally occurring event.


Softwashing now dominates over messy, noisy and non-environmentally friendly traditional cleaning methods and processes. Time after time softwashing has proven itself to be a reliable and cost effective alternative.

The reason why it's so successful

Softwashing is usually quicker, cheaper and has longer-lasting results which ultimately means its better for everybody including the environment and your pocket. Seeing as softwashing is so effective, successful and outperforms traditional cleaning methods as we mentioned above some competitors who provide traditional cleaning services sometimes like to make exaggerations about the effects softwashing has on the environment, which simply aren't true.

Smarter, better way

Softwashing is a eco-friendly alternative and environmentally safe solution. The softwashing detergent that we use is specially blended, which make it health and safety approved at several levels that include the UK and EU. Our soft wash detergent blends may use powerful chemicals and biocides but are diluted which makes them biodegradable and safe for the environment. In terms of deep rooted bacteria building infections softwashing can kill and remove:

Above is only a small list of example bacteria etc. Softwashing removes dirt, grime and is capable of killing and remove virtually any organic matter, it also has the added benefit of being able to sterilise eg: playground equipment.

Better for you and the environment

In most situations the soft wash solution is much more sustainable as our cleaning methods and processes have a small impact on energy and water consumption which ultimately is better for you and the environment. A great example of this is high powered pressure washing which requires large volumes of sustained water usage and considerable electricity or other fuel consumption and not to mention the potential noise for your and/or your adjacent neighbours whilst our service is being carried out.

Lower carbon footprint

With softwashing it uses low pressure pumps which do not require mains electricity and uses far less water as we let science do the work for us and a typical cleaning job requires far less water than a high pressure washing solution. In addition to energy consumption there are also further downsides to using high pressure which are:

Old methods, future problems

In some cases the exterior surface can become damaged eg: a concrete path which means organic growth has more areas to hide and you will need to clean the area again and again.

DIY cleaning doesn't always work

If you have tried to clean affected exterior surfaces yourself by brushing, dusting or other common household solutions you may find they are not effective enough to efficiently deal with the problem.

We can help though

Softwashing is the most eco-friendly (low carbon foot print) solution available. We at Cambridge Soft Wash pride ourselves on the ethical approach we take and are happy to discuss our solution and processes with you including the green and sustainable credentials softwashing offers compared with traditional cleaning methods available today.

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