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Most homes have tiles

Tiles provide are both durable and decorative, you will find them in most homes in areas such as the floor, walls, inside bathrooms and kitchens. They are made from ceramic which is created by combing the two ingredients sand and clay, once combined and shaped they are then fired at very high temperatures and then glazed depending on the required design. We offer fully comprehensive tile cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Tiles can become dirty and hard to clean properly

When it comes to tile cleaning there are two important aspects to consider, firstly the glazed surface and secondly the grout in between of the tiles assuming they have been professionally laid by a tradesman. In environments which are damp & humid or are used frequently such as bathroom or kitchen floors the tiles durable surface will require frequent cleaning. Even with frequent cleaning staining can still occur from organic matter due to the damp & humid conditions which allows organic infections to thrive, these stains can be quite unsightly and particularly difficult to remove. Staining can even more so persistent on the grout between the tiles themselves.

Grout also plays an important part

It is important to keep the grout between the tiles clean for more than just aesthetic reasons as black mould and mildew can grow and if left it presents a very real danger to personal health and well being. If grout becomes damaged it can cause tiles to become loose due to damp and moisture getting into the underlying adhesive which then leads to cracked and/or loose tiles.

Diligence and care are vital

Before any tile cleaning starts we conduct a thorough inspection of the tiles and grout to to ensure there is no damage or urgent repairs needed, a risk assessment is also conducted. The initial inspection helps to determine the age, type of glaze and grout that has been used, we then use our expertise to use the most efficient and correct cleaning solution as using anything besides the correct type of cleaning solution can potentially damage the tiles and/or grout.

If any issues are found we report them to you and are happy to discuss any part of our tile cleaning process before commencement.

Traditional methods can damage tiles and grout

Traditional cleaning methods are to use either high pressure cleaning which can damage the tile and/or grout and isn't suitable for all environments or using a soapy water mix which unfortunately can leave unsightly resides behind. Both of the aforementioned tile cleaning methods have their downsides and don't achieve the desired result our customers are expecting.

Non-damaging and delicate cleaning

At Cambridge Soft Wash we have an entirely different approach when it comes to cleaning tiles. The approach we use is called softwashing, this revolutionary cleaning process uses the power of science via chemistry, it's non damaging both removing stains and organic matter which is prevented from regrowing up to three times longer compared with traditional methods mentioned above.

Cleans, shines and protects

Our soft wash solution is specially mixed for the tile cleaning job depending on requirements, delivered via low pressure pumps and applied with delicate brushes and nozzles. Once the softwashing process is complete, we then dry and shine the tiled surface to ensure the best appearance. During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment. We then begin preparation work which also includes protecting nearby property.

We can help

For all of your tile and grout cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridge and surrounding areas please contact Cambridge Soft Wash.

Send a message below or call us on 01223 944 024 / 07999 762 979

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