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Weather, pollution and organic matter all take their toll

Like with many exterior surfaces stone is also prone to discolouring and staining caused by pollution and natural weathering over time. Once dirt, grime and organic matter such as lichens, moss, algae etc have built up it can be difficult to remove with off the shelf methods which last. We offer fully comprehensive stone cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Maintaining stone work is important

Ideally regular scheduled stone cleaning should be used in conjunction with specific cleaning produces and inspections are recommended when you have high value or conservation types of stonework.

Traditional methods damage the surface

The traditional cleaning method of stonework is to use high powered pressure washing but there are several issues with using this type of cleaning. One of the main problems with using high pressure cleaning is it can cause damage by degrading the stones surface leading to acceleration of erosion and decay. If the stonework becomes too eroded you may loose important design details, pieces are dislodged. Depending on the age and how many times high pressure cleaning has been used it can create lots of small little holes which are perfect for organic infections, once organic infections take hold they can damage the surface even further it's a viscous circle.

Is there a smarter less damaging way? Yes!

At Cambridge Soft Wash we have a different approach to cleaning stone, we use softwashing and the power of science. Softwashing combined with low pressure pumps, soft brushes and nozzles we can effectively clean stone without damaging it. Pollution, dirt, grime and all organic matter can be removed, the benefit with using soft wash technology to clean stone work is that it kills organic matter at the root level ensuring nothing can regrow and because it continues to work the stone cleaning job lasts up up three times longer than traditional stone cleaning methods used eg: pressure washing which cannot kill organic matter at the root level.

Diligence is key

During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment. When cleaning stone it is important to identify the type of stone and inspect the overall condition. Before cleaning we begin preparation work which includes protecting nearby grass, plants, borders and furniture etc.

Making the right choice

Selecting a stone cleaning company can be difficult, you need to ensure aggressive stone cleaning methods aren't going to be used and that they are going to deploy the right level of care and attention to detail. Our soft wash stone cleaning process is a delicate, smart and eco-friendly way to keep your stone work looking great whilst maintaining its integrity.

We can help

For all of your stone cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas consider Cambridge Soft Wash.

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