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Clear signage is vital

Signs are an important in our world, whether the sign is for your business, information or a road sign its vitally important that potential customers, visitors and drivers can clearly read what your sign has to say. In the competitive world of business impressions matter and dirty signage could affect how your existing and potential customers view your business. We offer fully comprehensive signage and sign cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Weather and traffic both make signs dirty

Like the majority of exterior surfaces signs are no exception when it comes to the weather elements, everyday dirt and traffic pollution. Over time depending on the location of your sign things like traffic film, dust and organic infectants such as moss, algae, mould and even bird droppings can build up causing your sign to become unclear. Apart from naturally occurring events there is also acts of graffiti which can make any exterior surface look unsightly and more so when it comes to signs.

Traditional cleaning methods aren't a comprehensive solution

The traditional cleaning method for signs is high pressure washing and/or a DIY hot water and detergent approach, whilst these do work to a certain degree they aren't without their problems, for example:

Is there a better way? Yes!

We aren't saying you can't clean signage using the traditional or DIY way but we offer a much better, eco-friendly and non-damaging alternative. Our approach is to use softwashing, the soft wash method uses the power of science and chemistry to remove built up dirt, grime and especially good for removing organic matter and killing it at the root. If you don't deal with organic matter correctly it will return, the soft wash sign cleaning process we use prevents this.

Non-damaging and cost effective

Using softwashing for sign cleaning means the process is non-damaging, efficient and cost effective. There are no high pressure jets involved, we use low pressure pumps combined with soft brushes and nozzles. Accessing higher up signs is no problem either as we have high reach poles so cleaning can be done from the ground level which makes it safer for everybody involved and even remote locations can be cleaned as we have our own water supply. It's not just signs that can be cleaned either, we can also clean advertising hoardings and canopies for you.

Diligence and planning is key

During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment. We carry out preparation work which also includes protecting nearby property etc. Cleaning will commence at a time which is suitable for you, ideally when footfall is minimal to cause the least possible disruption.

We can help

Our customers come back to us time and time again because of our competitive pricing and expertise when it comes to sign cleaning. If you are interesting in our signage cleaning services available in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas please contact Cambridge Soft Wash.

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