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Surprising but true

With children predominately using playgrounds, parks and both indoor and outdoor recreation areas it probably comes as no surprise that numerous studies have found these areas to be more dirtier (eg: bacteria and viruses etc) than the average UK toilet. We offer fully comprehensive playground and play area cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Children's health is important

Most people are aware of the risks associated with infections concerning toilets which should be cleaned all of the time, hopefully. In the majority of cases hygiene of play equipment is often the last thought, neglected. This makes it easy to transmit infections which can affect several child's health. Apart from infections like the majority of exterior surfaces they are susceptible to the build up of dirt, grime and organic type infections all contributed by nature, people and pets.

Vandals attack and weather can make problems worse

Unfortunately playground equipment can sometimes be the target of graffiti making it look unsightly. When the weather changes and the environment becomes warmer eg: summer months infectants like bacteria and viruses can flourish increasing the threat of infections and rapidly increasing growth of organic matter eg: moss, algae, mould etc.

Traditional cleaning methods aren't comprehensive

The traditional playground cleaning approach is to use high pressure cleaning or a good old fashioned bucket, sponge and some type of off the shelf detergent. Whilst these types of cleaning does work they do have their downsides such as:

Smarter, efficient and a more cost effective solution

Our approach is different and at Cambridge Soft Wash we specialise in all types of playground equipment cleaning whether its indoor or outdoor. Instead of using high pressure washing we use softwashing, this process utilises the power of science and chemistry and is delivered through low pressure pumps using gentle brushes and nozzles. By using soft wash to clean your playground equipment it provides a non-damaging way of cleaning playgrounds which is capable of removing stains, dirt and infections including organic such as moss, algae, mould and several others.

Cleaned and will last up to three times longer

Once soft wash has removed organic matter from your playground equipment it is protected and prevents regrowth for up to three times longer compared to traditional cleaning methods. In the unlikely event there happens to be any children upon entering the designated cleaning area, we have all of the necessary safety and compliance procedures in place.

Healthy playgrounds mean happy children

Your playground equipment will be left cleaner, healthier (free from infections) and looking better thanks to the power of soft wash technology. Before we start any process to clean playgrounds we always conduct a thorough survey and risk assessment. We carry out preparation work that includes protecting nearby surfaces and the service is carried out at a time which is suitable and convenient for you.

After cleaning has been completed we ensure all surfaces have been rinsed thoroughly to ensure any soft wash solution has been removed. It is recommended that playground cleaning should be performed on a regular basis because of its beneficial effects for both the local community, their children and morale.

We can help

For all of your playground cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridge and surrounding areas please contact Cambridge Soft Wash.

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