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Dirt, organic matter & pollution build up on surfaces

Gravestones, monuments, memorials and statues are there to remember and celebrate important people and events in our lives. The details on these pieces of stone are important and should be easy to see for current and future generations. We offer fully comprehensive gravestone, monument, memorial and statue cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Unfortunately like most exterior surfaces depending where they are located, are prone to pollution, dirt and organic matter. Over time it builds up and form layers which can make the important details for for gravestone, monument, memorial or statue unclear. Organic matter can include moss, algae, lichen, mould and several others.

Polished surfaces aren't immune either

It's only stone gravestones, monuments and statues that are affected either. Unfortunately polished headstones made from marble are affected by the weather, pollution and organic matter which builds up and can deteriorate the surface.

If the surface hasn't been looked after in quite some time it started to become quite noticeable and unsightly, regular cleaning is advised in order to maintain the polished surface and memories.

Traditional cleaning methods aren't delicate enough

Whilst the gravestone, monument or statue may look clean if traditional cleaning methods such as high powered pressure washing jet is used it can damage the surface of the stone is especially noticeable for older stone.

Once the stones surface has been damaged important features may become unclear, small holes can also be created causing pieces to become loose and areas for organic infections to grow.

Whether your gravestone, monument or statue is old or new care must be taken whilst carrying out any type of cleaning to ensure potential damage is not caused in the current time and in the future.

Efficient, non-damaging & a better approach

At Cambridge Soft Wash we have a different approach to cleaning gravestones, monuments and statues.

Firstly we don't use noisy pressure washer equipment which isn't suitable for peaceful environment such as a graveyard and can damage both regular stone and polished. Instead we use the power of science utilising chemistry via a cleaning process called softwashing combined with low pressure pumps and soft delicate brushes and nozzles.

Because this process doesn't damage surfaces when cleaning a gravestone, monument, memorial or statue it is a perfect solution and is sensitive enough for a situation which demands it.

Eco-friendly & delicate cleaning

The softwashing process is eco-friendly, able to remove stains, all organic matter such as moss, algae, lichen and mould etc which has built up over time.

Not only does softwashing remove organic matter but because it is a scientific process it prevents the growth of organic matter for up to three times longer compared with traditional gravestone, monument, memorial and statue cleaning services which use pressure washing.

Diligence & a delicate approach is required

During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment.

We then being preparation work which includes protecting surrounding areas, take necessary precautions whilst choosing the correct soft wash cleaning solution for the stone and begin cleaning. Because the soft wash gravestone, monument and statue cleaning process is efficient, cost effective and non-damaging the item being cleaned will look refreshed and stay protected for up to three times longer against future organic infections.

We can help

For all of your gravestone, monument, memorial and status cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridge and surrounding areas please contact Cambridge Soft Wash.

Send a message below or call us on 01223 944 024

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