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Graffiti can blight surfaces and make them unsightly

Almost any exterior surface can be affected by Graffiti, it can make surfaces look quite unsightly and damage how the property affected is viewed. Graffiti can sometimes be very difficult to remove, in most circumstances simply repainting the affected area or property is just not a viable option due to the time required, expense and if graffiti is on bare brick. We offer fully comprehensive graffiti cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Traditional methods aren't time or cost effective

The traditional method for removing graffiti is to use high powered pressure washing jets, whilst this graffiti cleaning method does work it's not without problems. The amount of pressure required to blast and obliterate spray paints is quite considerable, this process uses a huge amount of water and energy mean it's not eco-friendly.

Additionally because cleaning and removal of graffiti with high pressure tends to be quite time consuming it is not a very cost effective cleaning method either.

High pressure cleaning damage surfaces leading to unforeseen problems

It doesn't matter where you use high pressure cleaning methods there is always a risk of damaging the surface of what you're trying to clean. Using it to remove graffiti from exterior surfaces is no exception, using high pressure on any form of masonry is not recommended as it can create small holes which can lead to pieces falling off and increased organic infection.

Exterior surfaces are already prone to organic infectants and giving them more places to live (holes created by high pressure washing) isn't ideal.

Smarter, non-damaging and eco-friendly

At Cambridge Soft Wash we don't adopt the traditional high pressure graffiti cleaning and removal methods used by other companies. Instead using a process called softwashing which utilises the power of science harnessing chemistry. Softwashing uses special solution blends delivered via low pressure pumps and surfaces are cleaned using delicate brushes and sometimes custom nozzles.

The graffiti cleaning and removal process can involve the use of special graffiti removal dissolving chemical in conjunction with soft wash cleaning technology. We usually let these special chemicals do their work (dwell), before rinsing etc. If you would like the affected service painted over instead we can also provide that service to you.

Efficient and cost + time effective cleaning solution

The soft wash cleaning process uses minimal water, less energy and takes significantly less time compared to traditional graffiti cleaning and removal practices. During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment.

Before any cleaning is commenced we being are preparation work which involves protecting areas that do not need cleaning such as grass and various other property that is located in the area of cleaning

We can help

We keep costs and inconvenience to a minimum whilst providing an effective graffiti cleaning service, for all of your graffiti cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridge and surrounding areas please contact Cambridge Soft Wash.

Send a message below or call us on 01223 944 024 / 07999 762 979

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