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Residential or commercial we can help

With a wide range of flooring materials that are used in both residential and commercial environments it is important that the correct floor cleaning methods are used to ensure the desired results are achieved without any damage caused. At Cambridge Soft Wash we have the expertise and offer a comprehensive professional floor cleaning service to both commercial and residential customers. We offer fully comprehensive floor cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Smarter, modern and efficient approach

In most residential and commercial environments the use of traditional high pressure cleaning is an unsuitable method for a variety of reasons. Whilst regular brushing and day to day cleaning does help keep your floors clean combined with off the shelf everyday available in the high street this type of cleaning will only go so far. Unfortunately once organic growth sets in it can be very difficult to remove thoroughly and ensure it doesn't return, in most cases it will do. At Cambridge Soft Wash we specialise in removing both organic and man made floor staining.

Correct methods used, a better job for you

We will always perform a full risk assessment prior to any cleaning being carried out to ensure the correct cleaning methods are used which yield the best results for you. There aren't many types of flooring we can't clean, a few examples below:

The floor types above will be left to air dry naturally.

Virtually any material indoor or outdoor can be cleaned

At Cambridge Soft Wash we can clean the majority of floors. It doesn't matter if your flooring material is made from concrete, bricks, wood (sealed or unsealed), granite, marble, epoxy, tiles, stonework, slate, vinyl or even glass! We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to diligently clean your floors for you with the added benefit of them being a lot easier to maintain after we have completed the job.

We can help

During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment, before cleaning we begin preparation work which includes protecting nearby property. For all of your floor cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas consider Cambridge Soft Wash.

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