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Fascias are an important part of your property

Dirty looking fascia can really affect the overall look of your property. Your fascia is at the mercy of natures elements everyday all year round, this means they are subjected to wear and tend to stain quite easily. Fascias are usually made from UPVC, wood or aluminium and each material will require a different approach to cleaning as with most exterior building materials. We offer fully comprehensive fascia cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

The correct cleaning solution is vital

If you use the wrong type of cleaning method and chemicals it can actually affect the look of the fascia and sometimes even affect the integrity of the material its constructed from. If you don't clean your fascia regularly the stains that build up are then harder to remove and can start to cause long term damage.

Our expertise can help you

At Cambridge Soft Wash we have all the necessary expertise to clean and restore your fascia to the way it should look. Before we attempt any fascia cleaning we will inspect and conduct a survey to ensure there is no existing damage and/or urgent repairs required. We wouldn't consider cleaning your fascia if there is any risk of causing them to become dislodged which then could comprise your guttering infrastructure.

Traditional methods can damage your property

Using powerful high pressure is not recommended for cleaning of fascias especially when it comes to the wood variety because it can cause permanent damage. Obviously using any type of high pressure water jet close to nearby windows and guttering isn't advisable either. When it comes to cleaning using a high pressure cleaning the jets used are only really effective at close range, it uses more energy, creates lots of mess and much more dangerous when working at heights.

Smart and modern approach

We do things a little differently when it comes to cleaning your fascia. Our approach is to use the power of science and chemistry remove general dirt and grime then to kill and remove built up organic infections. Using low pressure which avoids damage to your fascia (windows and guttering etc),leaves a great clean finish and our customers have told us has lasted up to three times longer than a traditional high pressure cleaning method.

Privacy and affordability are important

In terms of cleaning access we will try to clean all fascias from the ground which protects your privacy and ensures costs are kept to a minimum as there is no need for expensive scaffolding or other access equipment. If we need access equipment this would be discussed with you. During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment. Before cleaning we begin preparation work which includes protecting nearby grass, plants, borders and furniture etc.

DIY cleaning methods don't always work, ask the experts

If you have tried to DIY and clean your fascias but aren't getting the cleaning results you expect it's probably time to call the professionals. We offer fascia cleaning in cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

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