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First impressions are important

Whether you have a residential or commercial property your driveway is often the first thing people visiting your home or business will see, it is all about curb appeal. In today's world first impressions matter in both business and in our social lives. We offer fully comprehensive driveway including block paving cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Dirty driveways can be dangerous

Apart from how your driveway looks there are a number of other factors to consider, because driveways are subjected to the elements dirt and organic matter builds up and can cause the surface to become slippery and hazardous underfoot especially in wet weather conditions. We have rain almost all year round which adds to the aforementioned problems so it is important to consider driveway cleaning.

Traditional cleaning is problematic

The traditional approach some companies use is a high powered pressure washer, whilst this may remove dirt and stains there are several downsides to using this process which are:

DIY cleaning can be difficult and to achieve the desired results

You may have attempted DIY driveway cleaning but can't remove stains, organic growth such as weeds have come back and/or it's a bigger job than what you anticipated and aren't achieving the desired long term results. I'm sure you have better things to be doing with your time than spending the weekend cleaning your driveway.

Is there a better way? Yes!

At Cambridge Soft Wash we have a thorough and effective driveway cleaning process, we not only will remove stains and organic matter but restore your driveway and achieve a longer lasting result over traditional methods mentioned above. Using the an eco-friendly and cost effective cleaning process called softwashing, by utilising the power of science (chemistry) we can clean your driveway without causing any damage thanks to our wealth of expertise and experience. On most driveways organic matter on most driveways consists of bacteria, fungus or lichen and the special soft wash blends are able to remove them directly at the root to prevent future growth and staining reappearing.

Protecting your property first

During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment. Before cleaning we begin preparation work which includes protecting nearby grass, plants, borders and furniture etc. Once the cleaning process is complete the soft wash driveway cleaning technology continues working to prevent future organic matter from returning. Customers have told us that our driveway softwashing process has lasted up to three times longer than traditional pressure washer driveway cleaning.

We can help

Our softwash driveway cleaning process takes a matter of minutes not hours and helps you achieve a restored, stain and organic infection free driveway with minimal mess. For all of your driveway cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas consider Cambridge Soft Wash.

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