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A great asset to your home

Your conservatory is a great asset to your home. Unfortunately with most buildings that have exterior surfaces it is susceptible to the weather elements. Over time dirt, grime and especially organic matter can build up. Once the aforementioned has built up it can ruin the look of your conservatory and become quite noticeable. We offer full comprehensive conservatory and conservatory roof cleaning services.

Cleaning can be quite difficult

Conservatories have many parts to them such as windows, doors, roof and wall panels, seals and design elements. This makes cleaning a conservatory quite tricky and if you have ever tried it yourself you will know this. Many off the shelf household chemicals won't work 100%, you may find yourself having to repeat cleaning tasks and using a ladder for access which can be dangerous and quite hazardous to. Some household chemicals can actually remove protective UV coatings, damage seals and/or discolour panels which can lead to costly repair bills.

Traditional cleaning methods aren't good for conservatories

Traditional conservatory cleaning methods use a high powered pressure washer to remove built up dirt, grime, moulds, moss and other organic matter. This poses several unfortunate issues that include potential damage to the conservatory, high pressure washer ingress into the interior and organic matter regrowth because the infection hasn't been dealt with properly and will require frequent intervention in the future.

Smart, considerate and modern approach

At Cambridge Soft Wash we have a different approach which uses the power of science and soft delicate cleaning equipment to ensure any dirt, grime and organic matter is fully removed from all exterior surfaces eg: glass, roof, panels etc and doesn't reoccur until a long time in the future.

Conservatories are delicate and need to be treated correctly

We use the correct delicate cleaning brushes, access equipment and low pressure water which ensures your conservatory is not damaged. During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment. Before cleaning we begin preparation work which includes protecting nearby grass, plants, borders and furniture etc.

Our customers have told us that our conservatory cleaning service has lasted up to three times longer than traditional services they have previously used.

We can help

For all of your conservatory cleaning requirements in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas consider Cambridge Soft Wash.

Send a message below or call us on 01223 944 024 / 07999 762 979

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