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Cladding looks great but mother nature has other ideas

Cladding is used to provide a protective weather proof surface to important structural elements of a building eg: brick, wood etc. Available in a wide range of materials including wood, plastic uPVC, aluminium, composite, stainless steal and even glass cladding can also have a laminate finish. Recently cladding has become a popular choice for both protection of the property and added style. We offer fully comprehensive cladding cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Whether your property is residential or commercial it has been proven that if the buildings exterior surface is clean and more presentable it usually rents or sells for much more. Even if you aren't selling or renting your properly eg: shop then a clean building gives a far better impression of your business to existing and potential than a dirty one does.

Tough stuff but needs a delicate approach

As cladding is a weatherproof exterior material it's designed to be robust and able to cope with the plethora of weather conditions mother nature decides to throw at it, the traditional cleaning route would be to use high powered pressure washing. Whilst pressure washing will remove any trace of dirt, grime and organic matter eg: mould, moss, algae and several others from the surface of the cladding, there are several downsides to using this approach which include:

Our approach is smarter, efficient and cost effective

As you can see above using a powerful high pressure cleaning method has its own set of problems including potential damage and costly repair bills. At Cambridge Soft wash we have a different approach. Our softwashing method uses a low pressure system combined with nozzles and brushes, special soft wash solution chemical blends are delivered that remove everyday dirt, grime and organic matter which can include moss, algae, mould including several others. This is better as we use the power of science which means organic matter is both removed and killed at the root level, this means your cladding is cleaner and protected for up to three times longer. Our solution is also biodegradable and kind to the environment as we use less water and your neighbours aren't affected by a noisy pressure washer.

Thorough cleaning, longer lasting results and no damage

When it comes to cleaning cladding using the our softwashing method it has been proven to offer to be more affordable, longer lasting clean and doesn't damage your property. During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment. Before cleaning we begin preparation work which includes protecting nearby grass, plants, borders and furniture etc.

We have long reach equipment and this means there is no need to use costly scaffolding etc. Most of the time we can clean your cladding from the ground level which is safer and better for everybody.

Old methods work but they aren't ideal

In general we aren't saying high powered pressure cleaning won't work for you but there are issues with it and at least with soft washing it doesn't damage and it kills and removes the organic infectants at a biological level which caused staining and discolouration. Typically customers have told us that our soft wash method has lasted up to three times longer than previous traditional cleaning methods.

We can help

For all of your cladding cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas consider Cambridge Soft Wash.

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