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Caravan cleaning is important to protect and maintain materials

If you're lucky enough to have a caravan you'll know there is nothing better than having the freedom to go wherever whenever you choose. Caravans are often a home from home and offer a pleasant level of comfort with the added benefit mobility.

Dirt and organic matter builds up causing staining

Most of the time your caravan is situated outside which makes it prone to the weather elements, pollution and organic infectants like most exterior surfaces are, making caravan cleaning important. Over time dirt and organic matter can build up causing unsightly staining and sometimes discolouration making cleaning and removing stubborn stains quite difficult unless performed regularly.

Cambridge Soft Wash offers both caravan cleaning and mobile home cleaning in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

High pressure cleaning does work but isn't comprehensive enough

The traditional caravan cleaning method is to use high pressure, whilst this does work to an extent it's not without unforeseen circumstances. Whenever high pressure is cleaning is used there is always a risk of potential damage, protective coatings can be removed, seals around windows can allow water ingress and materials can become loose causing future problems. There are many different materials and parts to a caravan, you need to use a soft and appropriate cleaning method without any risks.

Smarter, cost-effective and non-damaging cleaning

At Cambridge Soft Wash we have an entirely different approach to caravan cleaning. Instead of using the high pressure which is a potentially damaging method we adopt a smarter cleaning process known as softwashing. Originally developed around 20 years ago in the USA it has been widely used in Europe to provide a powerful, cost effective and non-damaging cleaning method for removing dirt and organic matter from exterior surfaces.

All types of materials can be cleaned

Caravan cleaning needs something that will remove stubborn dirt, stains and organic matter eg: moss, algae and mould etc whilst leaving a deep shine clean. Softwashing uses the power of science via chemistry to provide such effective caravan cleaning and the added benefit of stopping regrowth of organic matter for up to three times longer compared to high pressure caravan cleaning methods. Softwashing is suitable for cleaning the following materials below and many more:

Protecting your property is important to us

Our special soft wash solution blends are carefully created to deal with built up dirt and organic matter that affects caravans. We use low pressure pumps and the soft wash solution is applied with soft brushes and custom designed nozzles which ensures no potential damage. During quotation we will conduct a thorough survey and risk assessment, before any caravan cleaning commences our preparation process is put into action which includes protecting areas and property close to cleaning.

We can help

For all of your caravan and mobile home cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas consider Cambridge Soft Wash.

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