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Boat cleaning should be part of any maintenance schedule

If you're fortunate enough to own a boat then you will know that once in a while performing regular maintenance is an absolute must. Because boats are constantly exposed to the elements and more so than most exterior surfaces they are particularly susceptible to getting dirty. Over a period of time dirt and organic matter build up which can lead to staining and discolouration if not treated quickly.

If your boat is clean it always makes inspections a lot easier and quicker. Whether you already own a boat or have just bought one we offer comprehensive boat cleaning in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Traditional methods aren't comprehensive

Traditional boat cleaning methods not including underneath have included using high pressure cleaning, whilst this may remove noticeable dirt and organic matter such as moss, algae and mould it isn't an ideal cleaning method for several reasons. Whenever high pressure cleaning is used there is the potential for accidental damage no matter how careful you are even with controlled use, when it comes to boats nobody wants expensive repair bills.

Organic matter may look like it has been removed but small traces can be left over and will regrow. Lastly pressure washing isn't eco-friendly, cost or time effective and may not achieve desired results.

Smarter, non-damaging and cost-effective approach

At Cambridge Soft Wash we have an entirely different approach to boat cleaning, we use a cleaning processing called softwashing. This process was first developed around 20 years ago in the USA and has since grown exponentially in USA/Europe, originally it was developed because contractors needed a non-damaging but effective and efficient way to clean shingle roofs without using high pressure risking damage.

Cleaning that lasts up to three times longer

Softwashing is ideal for boat cleaning because it removes stains, organic matter and stops organic matter from regrowing up to three times longer compared to traditional high pressure boat cleaning services. Our special soft wash solution blends are delivered via low pressure pumps and applied with soft brushes or our custom designed nozzles.

During quotation we conduct a thorough survey and risk assessment, before we start any cleaning our preparation processes is started which includes protecting property.

We can help

We can clean inside and outside of your boat, if you would like information and a quote for our boat cleaning service in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas please contact Cambridge Soft Wash.

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