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Block paving looks great, is tough and provides great functionality (parking, walking and entertaining etc). Like most exterior surfaces such as concrete, brick and wood block paving isn't immune from dirt caused by general use and organic matter which is naturally occurring. We offer fully comprehensive block paving cleaning services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Block paving is like most other exterior surfaces

Over time this dirt and organic matter such as weeds, moss, algae and mould can build up causing the blocks to become unsightly and visible weed growth. Weeds typically take up root in between the blocks where there is usually sand and dust, there have been some incidents where a notorious weed called Japanese Knot Weed had actually grown through blocks with the thickness of 200mm, although this is very rare. Once block paving is cleaned it makes a huge difference to the curb appeal of your property, especially in cases where you are looking to rent or sell as impressions count.

DIY cleaning sometimes works but won't last long

Sometimes customers will try a DIY approach to cleaning block paving by pulling weeds out by hand using various tools and off the shelf weed killers. Whilst you may achieve a result of varying degrees in most cases the block paving isn't 100% free from dirt, stains and weeds. Let's face it, most people would rather be doing something else with their weekends so it's time to call in the professionals, but you need to make sure you choose the right block paving cleaning solution.

Regular maintenance is important for aesthetics and personal safety

Ideally block paving needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly as if left it can become slippery, treacherous underfoot and weed growth will get out of hand quite rapidly. The traditional block paving cleaning approach is to use high powered pressure washer jets, whilst this cleaning technique may remove surface dirty it's not without problems and unforeseen circumstances.

Blasting can cause damage and future problems

Generally speaking as soon as you start blasting anything with high pressure jets there is a risk damage might be caused and when it comes to block paving this is no exception, here are a few reasons why it's not a good idea:

Is there a better solution? Yes!

As you can see using high pressure to clean block paving isn't ideal and doesn't offer a comprehensive solution. All is not lost though, there is a much more efficient, cost effective and non-damaging block paving cleaning solution. At Cambridge Soft Wash we use the softwashing cleaning method for block paving, this is a better solution for the following reasons:

Professional service that is cost effective

Most see the benefits to he soft wash block paving cleaning approach far outweighs traditional cleaning methods. During the quotation we conduct a thorough inspection and risk assessment. We prepare the area before cleaning which includes removing all visible weeds and sweep the area. Grass, borders, plants and property will be protected accordingly prior to softwashing the block paving.

Continues to work even after we have gone

Our special soft wash solution blends will remove stains, dirt and organic matter. After we have rinsed biocide solution blend is applied to the block paving which ensures organic growths such as weeds, moss, algae and may more do not regrow. We also replace any missing sand with an appropriate replacement. Customers have told us that our block paving cleaning process has lasts up to three times longerthan traditional pressure washing methods.

We can help

For all of your block paving and stone cleaning needs in Cambridge, Cambridge and surrounding areas please contact Cambridge Soft Wash.

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