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We are a company based in Cambridge UK who specialise in exterior surface cleaning and renovation, which includes roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, patio cleaning, fascia cleaning, driveway cleaning, conservatory cleaning also extending to moss and algae removal for both domestic and commercial properties using our 'soft washing' technology (read more below).
Our cleaning methods utilise low pressure (soft brushes) + power of science, are non-damaging to exterior surfaces, fully comprehensive, professional and longer lasting compared to traditional methods e.g. pressure washing which can damage surfaces, is both noisy and messy and doesn't deal with organic infections properly (they can return).
Furthermore our website allows you to book our services, request an appointment, manage your property and make payments which includes viewing invoices. If you would like to find out more about our cleaning services please contact us and a member of our customer service team will be happy to help you.

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What is softwashing

Softwashing is a new and efficient way to clean many different surfaces including roofing and exterior items without potentially damaging them. The process is longer lasting and safer for the environment.

It's also safer because we can clean higher areas from the ground or by using a platform. We use a low pressure system which won't damage or mark your property but is enough to deliver powerful cleaning results using non-aggressive chemicals that have been fully approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

Benefits of softwashing

Much longer lasting results
Less water used
Less noise created
Prolongs roof life
Efficient and cost effective
Safe for all known building materials
No damage to surfaces
Kills & removes spores missed with pressure washing


Send a message or call us on 01223 944 024 / 07999 762 979


Send a message or call us on 01223 944 024 / 07999 762 979



The problem

If you notice your exterior floors, walls or roof starting to stain or change colour whether it be a residential or commercial building in the majority of cases it can be solely attributed to organic growth.

Nature can cause a big problem

This damage is almost always caused by atmospheric moulds eg: mildew which like to grow on and in your exterior surfaces which is a naturally occurring event and there are several other types of bacteria, fungi, moss, lichens and algae which are also to blame.

It has to be properly removed

When you have organic atmospheric growth it can cause quite visible cosmetic colour changes,mouldy deterioration and looks quite unsightly. The nature of these growths means that it's deep rooted and can eventually cause damage eg: moss can cause tiles to lift and become loose.

The Solution

The old way isn't always the best way

Until recently the generally accepted way to remove the above was to use a high pressure cleaning solution. This technique literally blasts off any stains from your exterior surfaces.

Blasting away can damage your property

Unfortunately a combination of using high pressure and sometimes heat can damage exterior surfaces (eg: render, guttering, brick work, stonework, tiles, patios and roofs) which can even cause permanent damage.

Nobody wants costly repair bills

In some cases it can lead to costly repair bills and an even worse organic problem leaving unseen organic matter behind to grow back and because of this the cleaning service will need to be repeated more often.

Is there is a better way though?

This is where softwashing changes everything. Softwashing thoroughly removes dirt, grime and organic matter than causes building infections in a single efficient treatment, in most cases negating the need to use high pressure cleaning completely.

Smarter methods lead to better results

Softwashing is a revolutionary cleaning method, it was actually first developed in the USA/EU and utilises the simple process of chemistry to provide a safe and sustainable way to remove mould, fungus and bacteria from exterior surfaces.

Restoring things as they once were

Furthermore it can also be used often reverse cosmetic damage caused by unsightly graffiti. The powerful chemistry used in our softwashing process have been fully approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive and have been scientifically proven to be safe and an environmentally sensible solution to a wide spread problem.

Works even after the job is complete

Another great thing about using our soft wash system is that it continues to work and lasts up to three times longer than traditional cleaning methods.

Our service

We are experts in both sanitising and removing both organic matter and man-made stains eg: graffiti from many exterior surfaces. Our service is efficient, courteous and improves the look of your property. We remove any unsightly looking bacteria, fungi, moss, both red and green algae, lichen, mold, pollen and any other types of embedded grow in your exterior surfaces.

Our modern approach

Cambridge Soft Wash adopts a scientific approach to cleaning whilst using safe and eco-friendly products which have been specially blended and selected for each type of cleaning job required this is because we have studied the exact causes of growth and discolouration.

Engineered from the ground up

Our custom designed equipment utilising tanks and low pressure pumps will allow us to effectively remove current and future spores preventing future regrowth.

How we work

Our operatives and processes are fully compliant with Health and Safety regulations for domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

In simple terms

Our soft washing service removes damaging organic matter, is safe for your property and the environment, prevents against future regrowth and leaves exterior surfaces looking like new which gives any property curb appeal.

Send a message or call us on 01223 944 024 / 07999 762 979

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